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Smart phones, tablets, computers, portable music players, smart vehicles and interactive household have become part of our daily lives. It is nearly impossible to imagine life without these gadgets. For some they are a necessity and for others they are merely cool things to keep. In most cases, one would wonder who invented these gadgets or how the idea came about. However, if one comes to think of it, would it not be better if kids around us or even kids of our own would be the ones who could actually try their hands on inventing and innovating stuff like that? Would it not be a source of great pride and delight to us if kids started to think on a totally different tangent and be deemed and respected as real stars of our society – the stars who change the world through their knowledge and wisdom!

We need to recognize and associate what people like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, The Wright Brothers, Arfa Karim and Steve Jobs are known for and thank them for their contributions to the world across STEM.

We believe that as a nation, we should appreciate and support kids who are smart or those who have potential but require a bit of sharpening of skills or perhaps those who have found their spark and have a thirst for knowledge in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math).

If it can be imagined it can be created.