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We are a group of entrepreneurs having passion for science & technology and firm background of successful technology ventures in Pakistan and abroad for the last 10 years.

Livelong is a recent venture aimed to introduce
   Science   Technology    Engineering          Maths
Our passion is to inspire generations to see things differently and enable them to believe that they can imagine, build and invent. In order to achieve this, we aim at inculcating four core elements in every child’s life i.e. Robotics, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and Earth Conservation. While at play, these core elements help each child unravel the maximum potential and demonstrate creativity in innumerable ways.

We are bringing Robotics, STEM, DIY and Earth Conservation to everyone's life through world class technology toys, kits and gadgets made for all ages.
It is our firm belief that there is a Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Arfa Karim or Mark Zuckerberg residing in every child waiting to be discovered – all it requires is some nurturing to become tomorrow’s innovator and inventor.
How it started?
As young parents when we explored markets for good toys for our own kids, we only found light – sound – music toys which surprised us actually. This made us realizes that there is an intense shortage of technologically advanced toys, the toys that can develop basic instincts to imagine, build and invent. Toys that stimulate kids to explore, learn and experiment.

All this instigated Livelong to introduce world class technology toys to Pakistan enabling kids to experience Robotics, STEM, DIY and Earth Conservation and let loose a whole world of creativity, education and fun – all at once!

Let's give our kids, the toys that stimulate them to explore, learn and experiment.